Bring Your Own Device

BYOD security tips to minimize risks

The practice of BYOD is extremely beneficial for the large as well as small businesses. This practice helps the organization to create a hazel-free working environment. Though BYOD possesses several advantages, it is recommended that an organization should take appropriate steps before implementing it to their business. This will helps […]

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Disgruntled employee and the risk they pose

Are you a kind yet strict boss who believes in teamwork and due dates? If the answer is a yes to that then good for you or maybe not! If you think that your company is best in terms of relationships with the employee then think again! Ponder! Give a […]

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The Seriousness Of Insider Threats

Introduction: Twitter has suffered scams promoting cryptocurrency due to insiders threats since 2018. But eventually, on July 15th 2020 it escalated to one of the most disastrous security breaches in history that targeted prominent verified profiles like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Apple and Uber […]

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Mobile Device Security

BYOD: Definition, Security, Importance, and advantages

BYOD Definition: The term BYOD can be defined as a phenomenon where employees are encouraged to utilize their personal devices in order to connect to their respective company networks. Through this, they can also establish connections between work-related systems so that confidential information can be secured easily. The devices in […]

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What are 5G security risks?

5G vowed to profoundly change how people and machines interact. It proclaims another period of more prominent transmission capacity and quicker speeds which will release the Internet of Things (IoT) in everything from mechanical offices to self-governing vehicles. In any case, with this new age of system innovation set to […]

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VPN Remote Access

Top Business Benefits of Using SD-WAN

Nowadays, companies are increasingly employing digital transformation to keep pace with varying customer demands and evolving market trends. For solving the complexities of the digital transformation, the traditional network architecture aren’t sufficient to handle such workloads. As a result, the team of skilled network operations is moving towards software designed-WAN. […]

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