Why are cyber vulnerabilities unlikely to go away soon

All the financial firms, government organizations, and other major firms stress over cyber vulnerabilities. The major groups that exploit cyber vulnerabilities are government, ethical hackers and cybercriminals to make discoveries, steal information, protect the information, steal money or expose corruption. Cyber vulnerability is the flaw or weakness that can pose […]

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What does good look like? Part one

Part one Preamble  We always hear the words in security “good practice”, “good security” and so on. But what does good mean? From the GDPR it uses the lovely phase of “Taking into account the nature, scope, context and purposes of processing as well as the risks of varying likelihood and […]

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CISO: First 30 days

Intro I have seen quite a few articles on what CISO’s should concentrate on so I am going to give you my opinion. So you have just landed a new role as CISO so after induction (if you don’t have one add it to the list of items to resolve) […]

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Data Breach

Cybersecurity vs. AWS

In this technologically evolving world, Cybersecurity and cloud computing have become extremely essential. In the current business world, every organization is now opting for the AWS services following the requirement of managing the huge amount of the data that is produced every year. In terms of utility, cybersecurity is important […]

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Selling to the CISO

Or Matt’s guide to Selling to the CISO ( I only put this in for SEO sorry) Being a former Global CISO and security leader in the telecommunications, manufacturing and healthcare industries my goal was to build a security and risk management program that identified the most critical risks to […]

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Secure Remote Access

Key points of implementing secure remote access In today’s era, the Industrial Internet of Things has completely changed the way of working of the OEM business model. The overall equipment effectiveness business model is extremely efficient and beneficial for the organizations. Several IoT establishments require monitoring of their machines closely […]

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