Why Security Is Needed In A Downturn?

Introduction There is no denying the fact that these are challenging times for the people in charge of information security. They are not only coping with the rising advanced threats to corporate data and network but in many situations, they are struggling to figure out solutions on tiny budgets and […]

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Security Culture

Why your remote team need a VPN

In recent times, various organizations have increased the usage of virtual private networks or VPNs. One of the major reasons behind the utilization of the VPN is that it facilitates its users with privacy and security. The usage of VPN has also increased with the rise of the remote working […]

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Why Security Is A People Problem?

Introduction In recent years, some of the largest data breaches have been a direct result of human error, security is a people problem. The consequences of these events are often unintended losses that are caused by people who mistakenly activate malware by opening unknown emails or clicking on malicious links. […]

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Why third parties pose a security risk to your business.

Businesses today mostly rely on third-party service providers and vendors for outsourcing the various business functions.  The risk of cyber-threat from third-party service providers is mainly to large companies as a lot of sensitive data and internal systems to improve service delivery and cost-effectiveness. This interconnectivity leads to changes in […]

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VPN Remote Access

VPNs Are Here To Stay

Introduction There is no denying to the fact that VPNs are here to stay for quite a long time, as they provide several existing solutions for securing the data of the organization. It is one of the significant and necessary components for every company’s cybersecurity and infrastructure. In today’s digitalized […]

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SD-WAN VS MPLS And Which One Is Better?

Introduction Every day, businesses are becoming more globalized. The critical business traffic is increasingly routed around the offices by acquiring completely unacceptable packet loss. The network architecture which was built a way back is now no longer accepted by the global businesses. To meet the requirements of global enterprises, it […]

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