What are major security flaws in an operating system

The core of the computing environment is an operating system that provides users with easy-to-use and a common interface to the software and the hardware. Security flaws in the operating system give cybercriminals the chance to take advantage of your computer security vulnerabilities. It gives hackers the ability to steal […]

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Security Culture

Cyber Security Governance as a Service

Cyber Security Governance as a Service will help you with your strategic goals and objectives. Cyber security is a strategic enterprise risk that goes far beyond information technology. The growing cyber space has brought along a series of advantages as well as disadvantages for your business. A proper security policy […]

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Demonstrating Security Value

When it comes to explaining the importance of security to leadership and to justify any investments that come along with it, no matter how important such issues are, CISO’s often struggle with it. It is hard to in-still security standards into the more extensive plan of action, despite the fact […]

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How can you Safeguard your Online Presence?

It does not matter how you spend your time online or how much amount of it you spend online, what matters is that you leave tiny bits of yourself everywhere you surf on the internet. Moreover, it may have not occurred to you that with your online presence you are […]

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Data Breach

What is Anti-virus and do I need it?

In these technology-driven times, we all have our major information, data and finances on our devices, and keeping it secure has become a necessity. Cybersecurity is as important as any other basic need. This protection which we all seek is delivered to us in the form of Anti-virus software, that […]

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Mobile Device Security

BYOD challenges and ways to overcome

There are various challenges which are faced by an organization when they try to adopt a BYOD policy. The organizations which are planning to implement the BYOD in their working culture should have strong policies that support these programs. The authorities of the company should be careful about the threats […]

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