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Top Business Benefits of Using SD-WAN

Nowadays, companies are increasingly employing digital transformation to keep pace with varying customer demands and evolving market trends. For solving the complexities of the digital transformation, the traditional network architecture aren’t sufficient to handle such workloads. As a result, the team of skilled network operations is moving towards software designed-WAN. This is done to minimize overload and support new applications and services resulting from the digital transformation. Let’s have a look at how this technology provides real-world business benefits to simplify the operation and management of WAN.

1.  Improves WAN Performance

All the network traffics are not built equally. Fortunately, SD-WAN can be implemented to prioritize real-time services including VoIP and business-critical traffic. It then successfully drives it to the most effective route. By aiding critical applications high performance and reliable connection, the IT team can help to reduce packet loss and latency issues. Thus it boosts staff morale, thereby improving employee’s productivity.

2. Guarantees Business Intent With Advanced Application Control And Visibility

Gaining visibility across the WAN’s running traffic is the first step towards having control.  With SD-WAN, one gets deep application intelligence along with the ability to align application performance and priority to business intent. Through this, the enterprises can avail the benefit from unexpected levels of visibility into both cloud applications and legacy. This will further assist your business to assign policies to control and secure entire WAN traffic.

3. Allows Efficient Cloud Usage

These days, organizations are increasingly incorporating cloud services.  Involving SD-WAN in those cloud services will allow direct access to the remote cloud branch. It helps to eliminate the backhaul traffic by routing the entire branch and cloud traffic through the data centre. This means that the employees can instantly access cloud services regardless of their location. Not just that, SD-WAN also enhances cloud applications, thus allowing branches to communicate to the internet. 

 4. Increases network security

As traditional WAN solutions monitor security via several applications at each branch office, it does not provide a complete set of inbuild protocols. In the case of SD-WAN, it has inbuilt encryption capabilities that allow only authorized users to view and access assets that are connected to a corporate network. 

Moreover, it allows companies to create policies and facilitate control to inform the network that how traffic should be treated all the time. Thus, it tends to keep high traffic away from entering the network in the first place.

5. Lowers cost

These days, businesses are deploying the increasing array of cloud-based applications. It results in improving several data travelling over a WAN and in turn, enhances operating costs. However, SD-WAN minimizes this budget by leveraging low-cost internet access in order to provide direct accessibility over the cloud and reducing the overall traffic over the WAN.

 6. Reduces Complexity

Digital transformations can add layers of complexity in a network. It results in not only a weak network performance but also a need for locating onsite personnel at remote sites to monitor the IT infrastructure. SD-WAN can facilitate the IT burden by solving WAN infrastructure with the help of non-critical off-road business apps. This will monitor the entire task and manage traffic through a centralized controller.


Legacy WAN is now no longer a part of business solution due to its degraded cloud performance, high costs and limited agility. Thus, SD-WAN is a much better option as it assists your businesses to have all the advantages without such limitations.  In your business, it will be a secured cloud service with inbuilt support and integrated security. 

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