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What is Anti-virus and do I need it?

In these technology-driven times, we all have our major information, data and finances on our devices, and keeping it secure has become a necessity. Cybersecurity is as important as any other basic need. This protection which we all seek is delivered to us in the form of Anti-virus software, that keeps our devices safe from Malware attacks.

These cyber-attacks are evolving with each passing day and so is the danger upon our data security. This Malware can affect anyone who is using the technology. It can destroy your business, affect your finances, and also your personal life.

The Anti-virus programs are a set of programs that are specifically designed to safeguard your devices from viruses and other malicious software, attacking your data and information.

 Do I need to install Anti-virus software?

These tools are critical for most of the users as they are not aware of it. But it is important to install and keep it updated as there is a greater chance for a device without an Anti-virus software to get affected easily by the Malware. It happens quickly if the device is connected with the internet. 

This Malware is produced every day in a new format which is estimated at around 60,000 per day. These Anti-virus software are crucially designed and updated to perform their best to beat the Malware and prevent them from affecting and damaging your devices. Malware can easily affect and crash all your data in the device.

 What are the functions of Anti-virus software?

There are many companies offering Anti-virus software which can differ based on performances and functioning:

  • Scanning the files and directories to check for Malware or any malicious patterns in it.
  • Allows scheduling the automated scans in particular intervals of time.
  • Allow you access to scan any particular file or folder or all your data in the devices at any time you wish to do so.
  • It will automatically remove any malicious data found on your device. You can also set it on notification mode to get notified before a file is removed from your devices to take your permission.
  • Keep you updated with your device’s cyber health status.

Make sure to keep your Anti-virus software updated at all times to protect your devices the best way possible.

 How Antivirus Software Work?

There are several Anti-virus software that downloads the Malware definition on your devices and then scan files in search of it. A few other Malware detectors also keep a regular check on your devices and stores the malware detail in the clouds, which also helps keep your devices Malware-free and acquire less space, making your device perform faster.

 Free Antivirus v/s Paid Antivirus Software

From our finances to our most treasured memories, there is a lot that lives on our devices. If it was physical data, securing it would have not been a problem. But we many times mistake these virtual data to be safe on their own without spending a penny on it. The reason behind such assumptions is the free Anti-virus supporter. Let us put this straight that they don’t serve your needs. Try and make sure that you look forward to safer options with features like identity theft and phone securities, which are never available on free solutions.

There is a major evolution coming into Cybersecurity. Keeping oneself informed and aware of the threats and taking required precautions is the best way to keep your devices safe.  You can keep your devices out of the reach of Malware with the help of these Anti-virus software.

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