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Cato Networks SASE review

Cloud computing has redefined the business methodologies to an undeniable extent. The exponential increase in capacity has allowed the proliferation of b2b networking solutions for day-to-day enterprise operations.

The next step in this progression has been the incorporation of security solutions into the cloud model, to provide better security to business organizations. In this vein, the 2019 volume of Gartner Hype Cycle for Enterprise Networking, distinguished a new category, Secure Access Service Edge(SASE).

SASE has recently risen to be a unique service that has able to combine WAN capacities with network security offerings such as secure web gateway, CASB, and SDP. This distinct amalgamation, even though at a nascent stage, is showing much promise in terms of ease of handling, minimizing costs, and broadening the spectrum of networking and security solutions. Cato Networks, being the first to have merged both SD-WAN and security services into the cloud, has emerged as the world’s leading SASE platform.

Parameters of being an effective SASE platform

According to Gartner, SASE could be understood as a networking platform that is reliant on a cloud-based infrastructure to sustain reliable connectivity on a globally distributable network edge. Primarily, SASE blends the malleable connectivity delivered by an SD-WAN, with cybersecurity elements that can be implemented straight into the network stack. These are some of the principal factors to be considered while evaluating a SASE platform.

How does the performance of Cato Networks’ SASE platform fares across different parameters?

Similar to the majority of the SD-WAN offerings, the SASE platform offered by Cato Networks also functions at the edge, where LAN meets public internet, allowing access to cloud as well as other services. The reason Cato can pull-off steady connectivity beyond its private network is the fabrication of a globally distributable private backbone or simply put a private cloud, which facilitates connection with the help of numerous network providers and is approachable through the public internet.

The global routing optimization of Cato networks alleviates latency as opposed to the public internet. The throughput is enhanced with the help of WAN optimization that is built within the Cato software. The central security and network procedure take place in the Cato Cloud, while the Cato Socket adds sufficient networking capacities to surpass last-mile problems and fetch the traffic into the closest Cato PoP.

The security services are a real highlight of the Cato Cloud. Cato Networks have created an entire set of programs carrying organizational security capabilities and induced them into its SASE platform. This is a plus for the consumers, as they will not be required to configure additional devices on-premise, in order to apply more layers of security. For instance, Cato provides application-aware next-generation firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS), secure web gateway with URL filtering (SWG), standard and next-generation anti-malware (NGAV) and a managed IPS-as-a-Service (IPS). Covering the entire spectrum of network security, Cato offers efficient threat detection and response(MDR) service.

This makes it easier for companies and businesses to alleviate hardware requirements at branches. It also eases the deployment of centralized security strategies. Furthermore, the as-a-service system slashes the requirement for manual updates or any other similar patchwork, like the ones that are required in the case of on-premise security.

The deployment is an incredibly simplified procedure. Cato also provides connectivity choices for smartphone users and their corresponding endpoints. As opposed to other VPNs(Virtual Private Networks), Cato can do without a fully-dedicated VPN at the main site. Rather, smartphone users can directly connect to the closest Cato PoP, slashing the latency that comes with a VPN.

Given the competency of Cato Networks’ SASE platform on all of the above-mentioned parameters, it is not a surprise that it is emerging as the foremost presence in the SASE arena.

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