ZENOSEC's consultants can address your security needs at any stage of your project.

At ZENOSEC, our security consultants enables your organisation to minimise risk and ensure continuity. Our consultants will assist you in your security approach in order to protect your property, profits, people and data.

Security Design
Cyber Crime Advice
Risk Mitigation Planning
Security Engineering
Cyber Security Advice
Project Support

Bring ZENOSEC’s expertise to your team guiding your information security strategy.

With our services we help companies streamline their security systems by offering security consultancy, risk management and leadership. Clients benefit from our expertise and world class services that show our experience and proven track record in information security projects.

ZENOSEC can assist you effectively plan and deliver your risk management  programme. 

Proper and effective risk management should be an inevitable part of every business, We know, safety and security are the two aspects on which you never compromise,whether online or offline. We also appreciate the efforts you put and your pro-active approach towards avoiding risk related to cybercrimes. But are they enough? Are they in the right direction? Are they even required based on the size and structure of your business?  Managing risks and providing the most practical solutions, while keeping in consideration all the aspects of your business is what Zenosec does best.

As it is said, ‘data is power,’ and we understand the importance of your data, and we want to keep it safe as much as you do

Why work with Zenosec?

We understand the challenges faced by organisations to minimize the risks of ongoing cyber-security threats. As a leader within the cyber-security market we provide pragmatic advice and services with demonstrable business outcomes.


All our consultants have obtained accreditation in thier spheres of expertise. Zenosec are continuously improving proccess and procedure to fit customer needs.


We pride ourselves in delivering the highest levels of quality service to ensure our customers receive the best and most relevant cybersecurity information. Putting the customer first in our drive and determination.


We work closely with our customers and using easy to understand language we can explain complex problems to none technologists. The same goes for business requirements we translate them in a technical format bridging the gap between technology and the business.


We take ownership of our commitments which is embedded within our DNA. All our staff are empowered to make the right decision to deliver and own the business outcome.