Mobile Device Security

BYOD challenges and ways to overcome

There are various challenges which are faced by an organization when they try to adopt a BYOD policy. The organizations which are planning to implement the BYOD in their working culture should have strong policies that support these programs. The authorities of the company should be careful about the threats […]

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Secure Remote Employees

How to secure your remote employees Working from home is a dream for every employee as it provides enormous perks along with great comfort. In today‚Äôs era, when remote work is becoming a regular practice day by day, the question of data security arises. There are several employees that utilize […]

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Computer Security vs Cybersecurity

With the growing use of the internet, most businesses and organizations have positively transformed themselves. However, they are now even more exposed to cyber threats than ever with growing cyber attacks by cybercriminals or hackers. Being highly knowledgeable about cybersecurity in this whole new world of security threats will protect […]

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