Secure Remote Access

Key points of implementing secure remote access In today’s era, the Industrial Internet of Things has completely changed the way of working of the OEM business model. The overall equipment effectiveness business model is extremely efficient and beneficial for the organizations. Several IoT establishments require monitoring of their machines closely […]

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Cyber cloud threats

Cybersecurity solutions in the digital age

The need for Cybersecurity solutions in the age of digital transformation  It is fair to say that we are living in a hyper-digital world. We are surrounded by gadgets that are all interlinked with each other and we are finding ourselves getting more and more reliant on these devices with […]

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Cost Effective Security

This article is about how security can be implemented in a cost-effective way adding benefit to the business, however, it needs to be driven from the senior leadership of the organisation. This might come across as a bit of letting off steam and with that said and in the words […]

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Vishing Attacks

How to Identify Common Vishing Attacks In addition to Phishing, there’s additionally voice phishing, or what’s known as “vishing.” There’s “smishing,” which makes use of SMS/text messages as an attack vector (which will be discussed extra in another article). Other types of phishing embrace spear phishing, HTTPS phishing, CEO fraud/business […]

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Security Flaws In The Zoom App, How Can It Be Overcome?

Security Flaws In The Zoom App, How Can It Be Overcome? Introduction Several security flaws in one of the most popular Zoom video conferencing services have indicated potential installations of malware and rejection of service attacks from several unauthorized sites. In recent research, it is observed that Zoom will address […]

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PKI SEcurity

Public Key Infrastructure

What is Public Key Infrastructure? The PKI or Public Key Infrastructure is a kind of technology that is utilized for granting permission to the users and devices in the digital ecosystem. The basic motive behind the implementation of PKI is to create more trusted entities that digitally sign documents to […]

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