Disgruntled employee and the risk they pose

Are you a kind yet strict boss who believes in teamwork and due dates? If the answer is a yes to that then good for you or maybe not! If you think that your company is best in terms of relationships with the employee then think again! Ponder! Give a thought! I bring your notice to this because it is impossible to keep everyone happy all the time. Especially in a company. There may be some employees who might remain dissatisfied with you! No matter what you do for them. This is true and it exists. Now here I would like to discuss some of the employees’ issues and how they can risk your company to bigger dangers.

Disgruntled employee: Who are they?

These are those employees of your company who remain dissatisfied with their jobs. They always have something in their mind inappropriate “intentionally”. They mostly grunt about everything. They don’t discuss their issues with other employees rather keep it within. They have an indifferent attitude and behavior. The reason behind the turning away of employees can be under-appreciation by fellow workers, or boss or seniors. The other reason can be someone else stealing their ideas and representing them as their own. The low pay can be another burden. In addition to this, non-cooperation in work by fellow mates. Sometimes an unequal opportunity to say in a meeting or discussion can ignite the grunt. Besides these factors, there can be personal reasons. The disturbances at home can make the employees unstable at work.

Why should disgruntled employees be identified?

These employees not just waste their own time in the job but also the resources and facilities provided by the company. They become a potential threat to the safety and security of the company network. They intentionally spread rumors and degrade the reputation of the company. They try to influence the other employees, take them to their side, and diminish the stature of your brand. Sometimes, they behave negatively with the consumers of your company. In such a vulnerable situation, the company heads must be ready to tackle these dangers with the utmost care.

How to identify disgruntled employees?

The employees who show an irregular pattern of behavior can be easily identified. They cannot conceal themselves for a very long period. Some of the characteristic features expressed by them are:

Irregularity at the job: They often take lots of leave from office. They come late and leave early. The time-table for work is much disrupted. They work in a very unserious manner. Lack of dedication and hard work is observable. 

Negative vibes: Whenever they talk or give a suggestion, they are unrealistic. The answer is in a sarcastic tone with a grunt. They are always into some mischief and wrongful activities.

Poor work performance: Firstly, the task submission is late and secondly, the quality of work also drops. Day-by-day the working potential drops.

Reduced team spirit: They fail to show support to colleagues and other staff members. They often neglect the teamwork projects and follow their own rules and principles.

The risk they pose

If it turns out to be your bad luck and you have to deal with them then do it very calmly. The risk and threat that disgruntled employees can bring are immense.

According to a study in the US and UK, around 80% of the disgruntled employees possess security threats. The top-most ranking employees like the HR, cybersecurity heads, executives, and a similar group can severely damage the company’s profits. They almost know about all the confidential information. It is evident that if things go against their will, they might take revenge based on these factors.

Therefore it is important to identify them and stop them immediately. I have already discussed with you on the aspects of identification. Now the more important domain is permanently fixing issues of these problematic people. It is also possible. All you have to do is follow these simple steps outlined here.

Fix the disgruntled employees forever

Now that you have spotted the rotten apples of your company, it is high time to fix them. The noticeable changes in the attitude of such workers can help you to differentiate them among all. Bad behavior, foul tongue, hidden games and secrets, rumors, conspiracies, all are a part of the daily routine of disgruntled employees.

  • To get rid of them, the first thing that you should follow is “monitor”. Yes, effective supervision on the working efficiency and environment of the office can help you to solve the problem at an early stage.
  • Secondly, remain professional. Try to be as calm and composed as possible. It is not a family or personal issue that emotions have to be expressed. Don’t shout, cry, or stoop down to their levels to resolve issues. Always try to represent the company and talk wisely.
  • Take impactful decisions that affect the office positively. Discipline the employees well. Tell them what is wrong and what is right. The rules and regulations must be made clear.
  • Deal with the person who is the real trouble-maker. Keep the others at their task. Not the whole company should be involved in solving and witnessing dramas by fellow workers.
  • Try to talk to the higher authority about it. Take in good suggestions from them and imply accordingly. If the level of bluntness rises, take action.
  • Give a warning letter to the employees who create a nuisance. Tell them to focus on work or jobs would be lost.
  • Lastly, and most important of all terminate them. Don’t let them overpower the company. Other fellow workers may take the wrong lessons and apply the same. It is better to discard off such unprofessional people from the list of employees. Hire better and learned people with high moral grounds and ethics. 

All problems can be dealt with love and kindness. It is always better to be humble if you are at a higher authority. Keep the employees happy with kind gestures, regular give-aways, office leaves, and increased pay. If the initial causes of grunt in employees are encountered, companies would run very smoothly. 

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