The Seriousness Of Insider Threats

Introduction: Twitter has suffered scams promoting cryptocurrency due to insiders threats since 2018. But eventually, on July 15th 2020 it escalated to one of the most disastrous security breaches in history that targeted prominent verified profiles like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Apple and Uber […]

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Security Culture

Why Encryption is a critical aspect of data protection?

Introduction There is probably nothing more essential security instrument than data encryption. Encryption is utilized in a significant number of valuable security arrangements. It has now become a staple for guaranteeing the stage where unapproved access to data is unimaginable. With the system point of view, everything from encrypting data […]

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Why user security awareness must follow the continuous delivery model?

User security awareness is a very important aspect in a company‚Äôs security policy that involves testing and awarding the employees for protection against cyberattacks. User security awareness training aids in recognising, avoiding and proper reporting of potential threats. This can prevent compromise of sensitive data and attack of phishing, malware, […]

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Why domain names and security certificates must be managed?

Introduction Any domain is generally overseen by utilizing a comprehensive arrangement of space recorders and databases. The Domain Name System (DNS) is a system to map intelligible PC hostnames and IP is utilized by systems to administer the hardware. A comprehension of DNS and space recorder fundamentals helps the Account […]

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Why should security be built in from the start?

Cyberattacks are getting more and more sophisticated and elusive with advancing technology. Whether it is a giant enterprise, small businesses, or beginning startups, the risk of getting cyber attacked is high. But most of the companies smaller or larger tend to go lax in maintaining stringent cybersecurity measures. Some of […]

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Mobile Device Security

BYOD: Definition, Security, Importance, and advantages

BYOD Definition: The term BYOD can be defined as a phenomenon where employees are encouraged to utilize their personal devices in order to connect to their respective company networks. Through this, they can also establish connections between work-related systems so that confidential information can be secured easily. The devices in […]

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