Reasons Why Your Business Needs Firewall As a Service


In the era of global connectivity, protecting your business’s data and assets is more crucial than anything else. Nowadays, almost every business is connected to the internet for a vast variety of services including cloud storage, social media, email and, a lot more. While many of the traffic is outbound, still there is a possibility that the same internet connection allows inbound traffic. This is where a firewall as a service comes into play. Here are some of the major reasons that will help you to know why it is important for you to have a firewall as a service in your business network.

 1. Complete Protection Services

In any business, a firewall as a service assists in monitoring and managing every security device employed by your network. It includes anti-malware, VPN and, customized security services that help to meet the industry compliance standards. All these services are delivered from a highly reliable data centers that maintain its security safeguards in place. Each center includes built-in redundancy technologies that make sure that the security of one’s business network is secured in the case of a failure.

2.  Increases Internal Threat Protection

Many times, security threats originate from inside the organization. The use of online videos, staff productivity, web browsing and, social media can tend to expose your network to viruses and malware. A firewall as a service can configure applications to safeguard and filter against various network threats. 

 3. Ensure Better End-User Experience

Direct internet access can consolidate the life cycle of premier security management. Various options like VPM or MPLS can provide a poor end-user experience. The reason being the dispatched traffic over the public internet can face high latency. A managed firewall service eliminates all these challenges and creates a user-friendly and secure environment.

 4. Enhances Performance

Performance limitation of physical devices can be the biggest challenge when security is appliance-based. When the physical device experiences a huge load due to heavy traffic, then the appliance is required to get upgraded to meet the growing needs of the capacity. Due to the constraints on the budget, the limitations of physical appliance push you to choose between the security and cost-efficiency. Hence, the firewall eliminates the need for a sophisticated sizing process in analyzing the capacity of the appliance. It also lets you grow your business with unlimited scalability.

 5. Better And Quick Disaster Recovery

A majority of businesses are reliant on uptime and continuity to maintain a competitive edge in the existing market. With increasing security threats, a breach of security network could turn out as a disaster that could result in a high cost in terms of resources. When you employ a firewall as a service in your business, you get professionals in IT security, who actively detects new threats and their mitigation.

 6. Complete Visibility

Today’s current dynamic networks require a different approach. Many firms rely on expensive MPLS which is based on WAN networks to connect remote branches. When a signal is transmitted from a remote site to another site via a primary location, it leads to drastic effects after attempting SaaS and accessing cloud-based applications. This, in turn, leads to control in-network and a lack of visibility. Through migrating firewalls as a service into the cloud, businesses can benefit from unique security that can be powered by complete visibility into the entire network.


These days, it has become important to protect your business network from any unauthorized access. By implementing a firewall as a service in your business, you can have several benefits along with protection services.

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Matt is a global CISO with 20+ Years of Directing International Security Programmes for Multi-Billion Pound Organisations. With a passion for security and a cybersecurity evangelist.

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