How Secure Are Your Home Workers?

Introduction The reality of today‚Äôs workplace has turned grim, in response to the current COVID-19 epidemic. Several companies across the world have rolled out work-from-home strategies. As a result, there has been a massive influx of employees that are working remotely, connecting to their respective corporate networks and employing cloud-based […]

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Security Culture

Why your remote team need a VPN

In recent times, various organizations have increased the usage of virtual private networks or VPNs. One of the major reasons behind the utilization of the VPN is that it facilitates its users with privacy and security. The usage of VPN has also increased with the rise of the remote working […]

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VPN Remote Access

VPNs Are Here To Stay

Introduction There is no denying to the fact that VPNs are here to stay for quite a long time, as they provide several existing solutions for securing the data of the organization. It is one of the significant and necessary components for every company’s cybersecurity and infrastructure. In today’s digitalized […]

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How can you Safeguard your Online Presence?

It does not matter how you spend your time online or how much amount of it you spend online, what matters is that you leave tiny bits of yourself everywhere you surf on the internet. Moreover, it may have not occurred to you that with your online presence you are […]

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Tips for staff working from home

Many professionals have been practising the work from the home trend for more than a decade now. But noticing the pandemic situation all over the world, it has put employees into practising work from home (WFH) for full time. Most of them are unfamiliar with this practice. Taking note of […]

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Reasons Why Your Business Needs Firewall As a Service

Introduction In the era of global connectivity, protecting your business’s data and assets is more crucial than anything else. Nowadays, almost every business is connected to the internet for a vast variety of services including cloud storage, social media, email and, a lot more. While many of the traffic is […]

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