What Is Firewall As A Service And Why You Need It?


From the beginning of the network, the firewall has always been a key component in any network security. From its arrival in the 1980s to its significant changes till 2009, it performs in-depth inception of all the security traffic. It efficiently provides all sorts of protection of data in a company or even a large organization. Let’s find out what a is firewall as a service and, why do we need it?

What Is A Firewall As A Service?

Just like a fire-resistant in a building that tends to keep flames from spreading, similarly, a firewall in a computer network, either hardware or software acts as a barrier to protect the network from any unauthorized access. It actively monitors all outgoing and incoming traffic along with enforcing and accomplishing an organization’s security policies.

Initially, the firewalls were created to prevent on-site organization networks, but with time, firewalls evolved when more organizations moved their data and applications to the cloud. Currently, a firewall as a service, allows physical firewalls to be delivered as a part of an organization’s cloud infrastructure.

The firewall takes the benefit of evolving cloud and software technologies to provide a varied range of network security to the organizations. Its varied range of capabilities includes network forensics, infection prevention and, URL filtering.

Why Do You Need A Firewall?

A firewall as a service is an essential element of any network security. Even though, if you have different measures in place, there are still various reasons for which you will need a firewall.

1. To Achieve A Unified Policy

Despite having centralized management consoles, unified policy management around all the devices can be challenging, especially when there is a mix of vendor products.  For example, if fewer branch locations are not linked via MPLs, then a separate firewall will be required. This will allow the security authorities to manage their separate network security policies. Firewall as a service eliminates these issues by seamlessly applying the security policy on all traffic, for all users, and locations.  

 2. It Provides Efficient WAN Visibility

In a cloud, various solutions such as Secure Web Gateways do not provide visibility to the WAN. In such a case, a firewall as a service will efficiently control and allow visibility for the WAN. Moreover, all internet traffic, both encrypted and decrypted will be visible to the firewall that means, there are no blind spots and no need to monitor and extend multiple applications. 

3. Easy Task Maintenance

Monitoring physical firewall applications means maintaining the software with upgrades and patches. It, in turn, includes additional risks such as failure of updates altogether. With a firewall as a service, there is no need to patch, upgrade or fresh firewalls. It allows an IT staff to focus on providing true values to the business through initial mitigation and detection of risks, without endlessly twiddling with appliance maintenance tasks.

4. Maintains Security Throughout

Many times, IT staff remains concerned about their capacity planning at the time of upgrading security applications. In such a case, a firewall as a service can provide the necessary resources to perform comprehensive security on all traffic. This extended capacity enables quick deployment of additional sites and changes in bandwidth requirements.


Firewall as a service is a very important part of your home network which can block the security threats from spreading or getting onto your network. So get one for yourself to make your network and data safe and secure every time.

Matt is a global CISO with 20+ Years of Directing International Security Programmes for Multi-Billion Pound Organisations. With a passion for security and a cybersecurity evangelist.

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