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Why your remote team need a VPN

In recent times, various organizations have increased the usage of virtual private networks or VPNs. One of the major reasons behind the utilization of the VPN is that it facilitates its users with privacy and security. The usage of VPN has also increased with the rise of the remote working culture. There are numerous organizations that have opted for the VPN in order to increase data security.

The utilization of VPNs has got several advantages. Here is the list of the reasons and benefits of using VPNs for your team.

1) VPNs are highly affordable

If you are thinking of using a cost-effective way of connecting to your corporate network then VPN is the best choice for you. It is very affordable as compared to the other ways of computing. It reduces the cost of the organization and also increases the company’s efficiency. You can also provide the VPN connections to your employees who are working from home. This is because it is the best option to secure sensitive data during remote work.

2) Helps in increasing the productivity

The utilization of VPN for official work helps in increasing the productivity of the organization as it increases the speed of connectivity and provides great security. It also takes care of your privacy and hence, your team members can easily transfer the data between each other without worrying about the problem of data breaching.

3) Helps in gaining greater access to your work network

The data security policies developed by your organization are not at all effective unless and until you utilize the VPN network. If your data is protected by a strong VPN server, then the chances of data breaching are almost negligible. Therefore, you need to guide your team members to use the VPN networks.

4) Allows easy access of work system through RDP

One of the most important questions which arise when opting for the remote work option is how will an employee access their work system? This problem can be easily solved by the remote desktop protocol (RDP). Allow your employees to access their systems with the help of RDP protocol and their productivity will increase tremendously. With the help of a VPN, it will be very easy to utilize the RDP protocol and not exposing this protocol to the internet to be exploited by hackers.

5) Renders protection to the public Wi-Fi

Every organization should take care of internet connectivity because if your employees are using an unsecured internet connection, then the chances of a cyber-attack increase. Hence, the utilization of the VPN connectivity resolves this problem and provides great security to the company’s network. Hence, the organization should utilize a VPN while providing connectivity to its employees during the remote work. With the help of VPN connectivity, the employees can easily transfer the data to the organization’s authorities without worrying about the data leakage.

The VPN is comprised of enormous advantages. Hence, it is practised by a large number of organizations. VPN protects your data and gives you privacy. Therefore, every organization should utilize the VPN especially while they are allowing their employees for remote work.

Matt is a global CISO with 20+ Years of Directing International Security Programmes for Multi-Billion Pound Organisations. With a passion for security and a cybersecurity evangelist.

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