Data Breach

Cybersecurity vs. AWS

In this technologically evolving world, Cybersecurity and cloud computing have become extremely essential. In the current business world, every organization is now opting for the AWS services following the requirement of managing the huge amount of the data that is produced every year. In terms of utility, cybersecurity is important […]

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Cyber cloud threats

Cybersecurity solutions in the digital age

The need for Cybersecurity solutions in the age of digital transformation  It is fair to say that we are living in a hyper-digital world. We are surrounded by gadgets that are all interlinked with each other and we are finding ourselves getting more and more reliant on these devices with […]

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Fin Tech Bitcoin

Fintech Security

Even fintech startups battle to satisfy cybersecurity challenges. Fintech Security is nothing new, however, what has been detected is the rise in cyber attacks on fintech firms lately, A huge 98% of global fintech start-ups are vulnerable to phishing, web, and mobile application security attacks, according to web security company […]

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Important Cyber Security Metrics

Important Cyber Security Metrics to Track If your multi-layer security has been breached, measuring how far they ingressed will help you defend against future attacks. You would be surprised how sensitive information is handled generally; for this reason, enterprise security experts constantly check for unapproved storage of sensitive information or […]

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For organizations asking how to improve the quality of their services and products and constantly meet their customers’ expectations, ISO has an answer. Addressing numerous elements of quality administration and containing some of ISO’s finest-identified standards, there’s the ISO 9000 family for quality and the ISO27001 for Security. Without an […]

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board ceo security

How to Explain Cybersecurity to the Board

As stated by Help Net Security: “Cybersecurity strategy needs to be led by the board, executed by the C-Suite and owned at the front lines of the organization.” When it comes to initiating an organisation wide cybersecurity strategy, security executives such as CISOs, Heads of Function or Risk Managers often have […]

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