Why should security be built in from the start?

Cyberattacks are getting more and more sophisticated and elusive with advancing technology. Whether it is a giant enterprise, small businesses, or beginning startups, the risk of getting cyber attacked is high. But most of the companies smaller or larger tend to go lax in maintaining stringent cybersecurity measures. Some of them are even unaware that they have or are facing some form of cyberattack. The problem with larger companies is that they leave cybersecurity as an IT problem while the newer or smaller organisations feel that their obscurity will bring them protection. But these mindsets are flawed and outdated with the increased hacking activities that are automated these days and focussed on finding the most easily exploitable vulnerability. Cybersecurity is very essential for any business organisation to have its processes safe and secure. There is a lot of logic behind implementing solid cybersecurity and a backup plan in an organisation. Even if the investment is high and the company is still at the beginning stages, choosing cybersecurity is probably the best strategy when transitioning to technological dependency.

Reasons to built cybersecurity from the very beginning in an organisation-

  • Involvement in all strata

A cyberattack is never centred to the IT department, when it hits, the entire organisation has to bear the brunt. None of the departments is free from the risk, as funded and intricate attacks manipulate the entire business entity. Hackers try to exploit the most vulnerable and easiest starting point when attacking a business. So neither of the departments nor any private or company systems are safe from manipulation and control. Therefore, involving all the employees across the organisation until the C-suite is vital for a strong cybersecurity management strategy.

When cybersecurity is implemented from the beginning stages all the employees are trained to function and work with caution. This ensures that the security back-up plan in case of potential threats will be carried on smoothly and recovery will be efficient. Having cybersecurity a concern from the beginning also guarantees that all employees are aware of their respective duties and course of action when facing an attack. The chances of getting affected by malware, phishing, or DDoS attacks will reduce too.

  • Segregation of crown jewels

Any new company or startup pretty much had a disorganised system and contain a lot of business ideas and intellectual properties. The amount of customer data, bank details, sensitive information is also high at the pilot stage. This makes the starting stage is the most vulnerable period for any new business. Therefore, having proper security measures and protection firewalls is very important to have a smooth, uninterrupted business. If an organisation at this stage, is struck by a systematic cyberattack, not only the chances of recovering will be negated for lack of funds but a tremendous loss of deals, sensitive information, etc. may lead to heavy penalties.

The system of defining the crown jewels gets difficult as the business expands thus a proper mapping and partitioning system in the cloud from the beginning is the best idea. The costs of achieving the same in later stages can be high and chances of the system being flawed are also possible. So, having an organised system to protect sensitive data from any cyber threat can reap to great benefits. A chance of any hacker to manipulate the data is also on the high that can attack a small establishment in later stages when the effect is maximised is also possible.

  • Cybersecurity is a growth enabler

Cybersecurity not only protects the organisation but also is a very attractive pitching and selling point. Having promising security measures from the initial stages encourages more partnerships and investments with bigger enterprises. The security layer in place gives confidence to these investment companies to think about tie-ups and levying products and services. The risk of threats from third-party vendors and partners have increased in recent years ergo having a security system can make the business a competitive advantage during the risk profiling stage.

Furthermore, the customers also have better trust in organisations with proper systems to ensure their privacy. This will lead to better market performance with cybersecurity is in place even in the initial stages. The multitude of advantages will promote the organisation to expand and achieve the organisational goals more readily. The various measures assure customers and investors alike therefore impeccable cybersecurity and back-up plan from the starting stage can be fortuitous for prospects.

  • Huge damages in case of breach

Investing significantly in cybersecurity can seem pretty useless at the commencing stage but if somehow the business is threatened then the losses can be too much to bear. From legal penalities to reputational damages and business loss during the recovery period may permanently shut the business down. The extra damages to devices can also take significant repair and time to work normally. Summing up, the damages incurred by a data breach of loss can not only paralyse the business but also prevent any new business opportunities. Having dependable cybersecurity from the initial stages will prevent any undesirable threats to overwhelm the organisation.

  • Protection and easy adaptation

With the increasing technological dependence, advancements, and cloud storage, having cybersecurity from the initial stages can be a gamechanger. If a comprehensive cybersecurity system is in place then adaptation according to newer developments will be simpler. The fewer amounts of bugs and virus attacks can also keep the devices and systems of the business smoothly working. The sensitive data is also protected and chances of getting threatened by malware are also curtailed. A dedicated team to manage cybersecurity in the organisation will be profitable from business intelligence.


These reasons stress that having proper measures and security in the business form the starting point can lead to success. It can be favourable for any brand or startup to make it big with good security, a back-up plan, and management. It will aid in good business, customer confidence, smooth processing, and functioning allowing the realisation of business goals through better opportunities and profits. Investing in a cybersecurity system in the budding stage will make the organisation security streamlined and structured.

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Matt is a global CISO with 20+ Years of Directing International Security Programmes for Multi-Billion Pound Organisations. With a passion for security and a cybersecurity evangelist.

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