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Artificial Intelligence is smartly contributing to the Cybersecurity Arsenal

Technological changes are taking place at an unprecedented speed, and they are likely to accelerate further in the near future. The digital age has transformed not just our economy, but our entire way of life. There is no doubt that digitalization has affected almost every aspect of our living. We have been relishing the many gifts of this digital era, but gradually we also are encountering several downsides, including the enormous security threats that are endangering our data security and privacy. Our personal information is at more risk than it has ever been. To tackle threats such as identity theft, online financial fraud, data breaches, and more, we require better, more sophisticated security solutions. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI), comes in.

How cyberattacks are endangering our data?

Cyber threats come in all forms, most common are targeted cyber attacks that can affect any individual, business or even government authorities. The proliferation of these cyber threats has elevated to a level that now, cybercriminals find themselves capable of accessing their targets from almost any part of the world. Conventionally, cyber-attacks are undertaken by rivals or cybercriminals that are trying to reach, alter or destroy the target’s computer system or network, illegally. The methods being used by cybercriminals are getting more categorical, making them hard to identify and deal with.

How Artificial Intelligence is helping cybersecurity?

 The emergence of complex hacking techniques such as obfuscation, polymorphism, and others, have posed a monumental challenge in front of cybersecurity personnel to identify and weed out malicious programs. On top of that, there is a consistent shortage of domain-specific human resources that are competent enough to handle highly complex cyber attacks. Artificial Intelligence(AI) is proving to be a boon in such situations. Cyber experts are utilizing the ability of AI to determine the identity of cyber-attack perpetrators, as well as to prevent or minimize the damage from these attacks. AI is proving to be of real utility in successfully counteracting the advanced techniques of cybercriminals, and with minimal human intervention at that.

Another subset of AI, machine learning is proving to be very effective in strengthening the ability of security professionals to familiarize themselves with new attack vectors, so that they can prepare themselves for any future contingencies.

AI is not just useful for analyzing cyber threats but also to formulate response strategies accordingly. The machine learning subset of AI is particularly apt for the detection of malicious activities. This emboldens the ability of an organization to stop a cyber attack in its tracks and prevent any data leak, alteration or damage, from happening.

In today’s hyper evolving digital sphere, data security has become more critical than ever. The threats and challenges facing data security are formidable, forcing cybersecurity solutions to play catch up. Upgraded and sophisticated technological tools, like the ones provided by Artificial Intelligence, are the only answer to the growing data security concerns and easing of the burden from the shoulders of cybersecurity professionals.

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