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Best cybersecurity practices for small business

People owing small businesses usually assume that they won’t get victimized by cybercriminals. This mindset is very commonly observed among small business owners. But such assumptions are false. Many studies proved that the major portion of cyber attacked victims happened to be from small businesses. These small businesses have a less secure network, which is easy to breach. And by the usage of automated attacks, these hackers can breach in thousands of small businesses. The lack of awareness and budget is one of the main reasons behind the increasing rates of SMB attacks.

Here is how a small business can avoid becoming a victim of cyberattacks. Few best cybersecurity practices for small business are as followed: 

1. Using a firewall

The first and basic defense against cybercriminal for your data is a firewall. Other than standard external firewalls, many companies are installing internal firewalls to establish stronger internal protection. It is equally important for employees working from home to install a firewall on their home networks.

2.  Cybersecurity policies document

Many small businesses communicate and aware employees through word of mouth. Cybersecurity is that area, which must be documented well along with all its protocols. The small business administration (SBA)’s cybersecurity portal offers much online training and informative sessions about protecting your online business data.

3. Cybersecurity plans for mobile devices

More than 55 percent of businesses currently allow BYOD. with strategies security and satisfaction, it has become essential for the companies to be focusing on security-based precautions. With the increased usage of wearable’s like fitness trackers and smartwatches, which have access to your data, it is important to consider these devices for cybersecurity protection.

4. Educating employees

It is very important to educate all your employees, accessing the company’s network to be aware of all the security policies. And as the policies keep evolving due to changing cyber activities, it becomes essential to keep all the employees updated with new guidelines.

5. Enforce safe password practices

Many employees find password changes to be a pain. There have been studies proving that the major loss of data in SBM took place due to weak passwords. But the devices on the network need to be password protected. For which the password should be strong enough to resist brute force, current guidance is to use a passphrase consisting of three none interconnected words this would not require changing unless believed compromised. It is believed this is more secure that keep changing a password with most users just adding a 1 or next sequential number at the end of the password.

 6. Regular back up

It is important to prevent cyber attacks as much as possible to keep your data safe. Yet, many data breach takes place, crossing the security. The authorities recommend a regular backup of all kinds of work-related data like, word files, databases, spreadsheets, and financial data, all of which can be stored on the cloud. Through this you will have all the required backup, even if a data breach takes place.  

7. Installing anti-malware

It is very important t to have anti-malware software installed on all your devices, which keeps you protected against all kinds of phishing attacks. These phishing attacks are known for installing malware on your device. This anti-malware software will restrict all such malware from downloading on your system and will keep the data on your devices protected.

Security has become a moving target. The cybercriminal activities are evolving each day and so is the threat. To assure the best available protection for data, it is essential for every employee to follow the cybersecurity measures and to keep updated with the latest trends in cyber attacks and their prevention technology.

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